WasteMaid Elite 1880-AS - 'Heavy Duty' Food Waste Disposer

  "Mid to top model in the range. Designed to meet the demands of a heavier workload." ⬅
WasteMaid Elite 1880-AS - 'Heavy Duty' Food Waste Disposer
WasteMaid Elite 1880-AS - 'Heavy Duty' Food Waste DisposerWasteMaid Elite 1880-AS - 'Heavy Duty' Food Waste DisposerWasteMaid Elite 1880-AS - 'Heavy Duty' Food Waste Disposer
WasteMaid Elite 1880-AS - 'Heavy Duty' Food Waste DisposerWasteMaid Elite 1880-AS - 'Heavy Duty' Food Waste Disposer

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15+ Years Expert Product Knowledge & Aftercare - including Spares & Accessories for WasteMaid, WasteKing & Commander Waste Disposal Units.

  Safely Dispose of Household Food Waste

Small bones, fish heads & bones, egg shells, vegetable scraps, tea bags (minus string/staple), coffee grinds etc.

  Continuous Feed Model

Food can continually be added during the grinding process.  Operated by an Air Switch or electrical socket (on wall or inside cupboard).

  Replacement for Discontinued

WasteMaid 350, 351, 355, 358 / Commander 8000 / WasteKing 3125 (Gourmet Series), SS4000

(Please check dimensions)

 No Air Switch Option 

If you are replacing any of the above models and do not require an Air Switch Push Button (i.e you are switching the disposer on/off via the 3-pin plug or hardwired wall switch) - you may want to consider the previous model 358 - click here

  3-Year UK Warranty (Domestic) BEAB Approved

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Waste Maid Elite 1880-AS - 'Heavy-Duty' Waste Disposal Unit

 Now includes 'Built-in' Air Switch (Optional) 

Continuous Feed.  AS = Air Switch

* Fits all sinks with a standard 90mm waste hole

* Easy & Fast to Install - features 'Speed Master Mounting'
* 5/8 HP, 490 watts
* Corrosion Proof - carries 'lifetime' warranty against failure due to corrosion
* Removable Splash Guard - ideal for easy cleaning & replacement
* Permanent Magnet Motors - motors offer maximum torque instantly with jam cutting power
* Bio Shield - for Odour Protection
* Torque Master Plus' - Advanced Grinding System
* FULL Sound Shell
* Stainless Steel Grinding Components
* Attached Power cord (80cm length) with UK 3-Pin Plug (13amp)
* Includes: 'Sink Flange Assembly Kit' - (also available separately - click here)
Includes: 'WasteMaid Plug / Stopper (Chrome/Black)' - (also available separately - click here)
Includes: 'WasteMaid Rubber Splashguard' - (also available separately - click here)
Includes: 'Push Button Air Switch'

* 3 Years UK Warranty (Domestic Use)

 Download the Full - 'WasteMaid 1880-AS Specification Sheet' 

Replacement Model for Discontinued WasteMaid - 350, 351, 355, 358 (See 'Dimensions Comparison' tab)

 CERAMIC SINKS  - If fitting to a ceramic sink - you may require an additional 'Extended Flange' to replace the 'Standard Flange' that is supplied with the disposer - more details here

  Choosing a new model?  


Below are the dimensions of the WasteMaid 1880 model in comparison to other models within the current WasteMaid range.  

Measurement 'C' is often an important factor in choosing a model, and depends upon how much cupboard space there is underneath your sink.



  Replacing an existing unit?   


Compare the current WasteMaid 1880 model with equivalent discontinued models.


 Download the 'WasteMaid User Manual' (Installation Instructions)

 Download the 'WasteMaid 'Built-in' Air Switch (Installation Instructions) - for 1780-AS, 1880-AS, 1980-AS & 2080-AS.

Please Note: WasteMaid warranties apply to normal private household use only and do not cover commercial usage. 

Our Comment:

The WasteMaid 'Elite' 1880 is the mid to top model in the range. Heavy-Duty Model - As the classification suggests it is produced to meet demands for a heavy workload.

Like the 1980 Deluxe model it too has Cast Stainless impellors, one-piece grind ring which produces a fine grind. The 1880 has 'Full Sound Insulation' for quiet operation.

It is supplied with a 3 Year UK Warranty and as with all WasteMaid models has a lifetime guarantee against failure due to corrosion.

In addition there is also a removable splashguard, which allows for easy cleaning.  If you need a replacement splashguard can be purchased from us - click here


The Universal Plumbing Kit can help in installation (see below). It has standard waste fittings and can be used with any waste disposer. If in doubt to as whether you need one, we always suggest to think about the cost of your plumber leaving the job to buy one or you having to re-arrange a second visit.


If you require this model with a little more power choose the WasteMaid Elite 1980 - click here