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Waste Maid 'Elite' Advanced Features

WasteMaid Bio Shield

WasteMaid's   Bio-Shield Antimicrobial Protection   fights against bacteria-caused odors.

Waste Maid is the only disposer with Bio Shield, a unique antimicrobial agent, permanently molded into the “wet” components of the disposer to eliminate bacteria-caused odors. It also inhibits the growth of a wide range of micro organisms.

WasteMaid Torque Master

Waste Maid is also the only disposer with the   Torque Master Grinding System   which features balanced turntables and balanced armatures as the heart of the system. This, along with corrosion proof components provide for less vibration and longer life.

Torque Master - Balanced Grinding System

* High Speed - High Torque Permanent Magnet Motor
* Balanced Turntable
* Stainless Steel Grinding Components
* Stainless Steel Grinding Armature Shaft
* Corrosion Proof Grind Chamber
* Laser Sharp Cutting Ring

The Torque Master grinding system is a combination of computer designed, balanced components working in unison to provide superior torque power and maximum grinding speed.

WasteMaid Torque Master

The Benefits of   WasteMaid Elite   Disposers

Cooking is easier and faster when you can place all of your scraps right into your disposer.  No trips back and forth to an outside garbage container.

Cleanup after meals if fast and easy.  Simply scrape the food waste right into your disposer.

Reduce unpleasant odors by instantly disposing of food waste.  The need to store your garbage is eliminated.

Reduce insect and rodent infestation by instantly removing food waste and guard your home against the unwanted pests normally attracted to food waste.

Meal preparation and clean up are easier than ever.  Simply turn on the water, power on disposer, then scrape messy food waste into your disposer.  It’s that simple!  Scraps are ground into very particles and sent down the drain….and it is safe to use with septic tanks, too.  No more doors, vermin attracting mess, or unsanitary
conditions mean a cleaner and healthier kitchen.

Mounts in minutes!   Speed Master Mounting System  

Simplifies Installation in 4 Steps

1. Attach sink flange assembly to sink
2. Bolt drain elbow to disposer
3. Twist & lock disposer to sink flange assembly
4. Make plumbing connections and plug in power cord

Removable Splash Guard - Easy Cleaning.  Attached Power Cord - Ready to Plug in.

About WasteMaid Shop

Home Creations UK have been online specialists in supplying equipment for fitted kitchens since 1999.

For the past 18 years we have developed WasteMaid as our No.1 brand of Food Waste Disposers.  WasteMaid's extensive range of 8 models caters for all budgets and level of use.  

If you are a light use household and looking for a contract market disposer - the WasteMaid 1580 is an economical option.  The WasteMaid 2080-AS boosts high performance and a 3 year guarantee.

Unique to WasteMaid - as well as 'Continuous Feed' type, this manufacturer offers 2 Batch Feed Model.