Wireless Control Switch for Waste Disposers

Wireless Control Switch for Waste Disposers
 Wireless Control Switch for Waste DisposersWireless Control Switch for Waste Disposers 

Control Your Waste Disposal Unit Wirelessly!

- Easy to install
- No need to drill holes in the worktop
- Includes battery
- Fitted with new water resistant silicone case

A cheaper option compared to the standard air switch  push buttons.  The Wireless Control switch has two parts - the Transceiver and the Remote Button.

The Transceiver is connected to a power socket within the sink unit, close to the waste disposer - and a 13-amp plug from the disposer power cable is inserted.

The Remote Button requires a Battery (included).  One button press will transmit a wireless signal to switch the Disposer on. A second pressing will turn the Disposer off.

Also works with other household devices - lamps etc.

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Control Unit:
 - Power Voltage : 250VAC/50Hz
 - Power Max Input : 3,000W
 - Code Setting : Self-tech in
 - ON/OFF Display : LED
 - Remote Control Range : 20 meter
 - Battery Type : 12V 23A

Installation and Instruction :

A. Remove the plastic sheet in the remote to connect the battery polarity.

B. Put the remote into the silicon jacket to keep better waterproof.

C. Plug the socket into a main or wall outlet, and press the button of the socket for 3 seconds, the LED will flash one time per second (under learning code situation).

D. Direct the remote to the socket, and press the ON/OFF button of the remote until the LED flashes continuously for 2 seconds. After that the code was successfully learned by the socket, and the socket has memorised the code.

E. Press the ON/OFF button of the remote to control the disposer.