Why Buy a Food Waste Disposal Unit

7 June 2016


Consumers buy and use Food Waste Disposers for 3 main reasons:


· Improved Health and Sanitary Conditions for their family

By using a Waste Maid in the home, a homemaker immediately improves the sanitary conditions and waste storage areas (when stored in a bin - food waste, often damp organic matter provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria). Eliminating food waste through a disposer system, effectively removes a major cause of insect and rodent infestation as well as bad odours.

· Convenience and Time savings

In today's busy households, using a Waste Maid saves time and provides great convenience in eliminating food waste, especially during meal preparation and cleanup. Fewer trips back and forth to the Dustbin.

· Environmental Concerns

Many homeowners are keen to protect the environment and are motivated to recycle. New EU Landfill directive requires Biodegradable waste to be progressively diverted away from Landfill sites.

Waste Maid inclusion provides the perfect environmental solution to meet increased demands of waste management. Food waste in the landfills decomposes very slowly and contributes greatly to the water table contamination.

With lower Garbage quantity in the Dustbin, kerbside collection costs are reduced. Waste Maid also has a recycling role, when combined with other matter the food-waste treated by the Sewer Company is transformed into soil conditioner/fertiliser.

· Costs To Run The Waste Maid

Waste Maid use energy efficient PM Motors. If used on average three-times/per day the yearly electric cost would be lower than 50p. The daily water consumption will be lower than one flush of toilet.


 Did you know? - 25% of household rubbish is food waste 


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