How a WasteMaid Works!

7 June 2016

All six models work by simply and safely grinding food waste into very fine particles, which are then flushed through the waste pipe.

Safety - Waste Maid does not contain any knives or blades, but instead uses the centrifugal force generated by the turntable to hurl food waste against the grinding ring, shredding the waste in to fine pieces.



How To Operate The Waste Maid Continuous Feed Models

Simple to operate 5-easy steps to follow:

1. Remove the sink Stopper; turn on cold water using medium flow.
2. Switch on the Waste Maid.
3. Scrape in the food waste.
4. Before turning Waste Maid off, let the water and Disposer run for 25 seconds after food waste has been processed.
5. Switch Disposer off and stop water flow.

All Continuous Feed Disposers i.e. food can be added whilst the Disposer is operating. Always use Cold Water for best flushing of greasy food particles.



How To Operate The Waste Maid Batch Feed

The Batch Feed model (1785BF, 1985BF & 2085BF) has the same grind process but has the On/Off switch in the throat of the Disposer and (after food is placed in the disposer) is activated by the sink stopper. Only water is allowed to enter the Batch Feed disposer whilst in operation. As soon as the sink stopper is removed, the disposer automatically turns off.



Most Types of Food Waste Can Be Placed in Your Disposer

small bones - fish heads - fish bones - egg shells - coffee grounds - vegetable scraps - grapefruit halves - melon rinds - nut shells - corn cobs - fruit pits - tea leaves




WasteMaid Food Waste Disposers

The Speed Master Mounting System has only six components and Waste Maid Disposer can be mounted in a few minutes without the need for tools.

All Continuous Feed models include removable splashguard. Ideal for easy cleaning.

Septic Safe. All Waste Maid Disposers can be used with properly sized Septic Tanks.

All Waste Maid Disposers are safe and easy to use. There are No blades or knifes in the appliances.


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