FAQ - WasteMaid Food Waste Disposers

7 June 2016


What's the difference between a Continuous & Batch feed model?

There are two types of Food Waste disposer;

Batch Feed: food is loaded into the disposer before the power is introduced. After the grind process is completed, more food can be added and the program repeated.

Continuous Feed: food can continually be added during the grinding process.

Both types use the same grind mechanism, but adopt different styles to activate power.


How much does it cost to run a Waste Maid?

Waste Maid use energy efficient PM Motors. If used on average three-times/per day the yearly electric cost would be lower than 50 Pence. The daily water consumption will be lower than one flush of toilet.


What types of food waste can be ground in Waste Maid?

Waste Maid will accept most types of food waste including small bones and even Corn Cobs. It is recommended that Fibrous varieties be cut into strips and mixed with other food types. Tea bags, minus string/staple can also safely be placed in the Waste Maid.


Why can't I just compost?

Some rural homeowners include composting as a partial option for food waste disposal. A distinction between acceptable composting materials such as green waste (raw vegetables, fruit peels) versus non-acceptable putrescible food waste (proteins: meat, fish, dairy products, plus cooked foods) should encourage Waste Maid inclusion to offer the optimum combination for true composter lovers.


Is the Waste Maid noisy?

Noise level will vary, depending on the type of food waste inserted. As the unit is likely to be grinding for very short length of time (30 seconds) this will not present the homeowner with any problem. The WasteMaid 1880, 1980, 2080 include increased sound installation specification features.


Are Waste Maid Disposers easy to install?

· The patented 'Speed-Master' mounting system allows for fast and simple installation.
· No Special Tools are needed to sink mount.
· The Waste Maid is provided with a Power Cord and moulded 13-amp plug.
· A Power Point to provide electricity should be in close proximity.
· For Continuous Feed Models a 13-amp Spur Switch can be located above sink level to provide the On/Off facility. Alternatively a Counter Top air switch or Wireless Control Switch can be utilized.


Will the Waste Maid fit my sink?

Waste Maid is designed to fit all 9Omm sink waste outlets to an overall Sink thickness of 24mm. Over this thickness dimension an Extend sink flange (up to 45 mm) is available. When non-stainless steel sinks are included in the design package, the installer should use a silicone to ensure a watertight connection is made to the sink flange/sink.


Can I use a Waste Maid with a septic tanks?

It is not a condition to be on mains drainage to use a Waste Maid. Waste Maid is Septic Safe for properly sized septic tanks (Minimum 750 Gallons).


How do I clean or maintain my disposer?

· The Motor is permanently lubricated for life.
· Waste Maid Disposers should be used regularly. Models are self-cleaning and scour itself with each use.
· The new Waste Maid line includes Bio Shield. This exclusive, build-in Antimicrobial Protection provides total protection against bacterial growth and odours.
· Food waste can accumulate under the Splash Guard. To ensure this does not present any problem with the Waste Maid, we have included in the design a removable Splash Guard to allow cleaning.
· This unique feature also allows for ease in removal of any foreign object that may accidentally fall into the Grind Chamber.


I have a dishwasher, can this be connected?

The Waste Maid incorporates a Dishwasher Discharge Inlet. This provides the option to utilize the Dishwasher plumbing through the Disposer if required.


Does the Waste Maid disposer jam?

Waste Maid utilizes the very latest technology in Disposer design including the Permanent Magnet Motors (PM). This motor produces high torque (twisting power) immediately when switched on. This feature especially helps to prevent potential jams.

Overload Protector - This will ensure if the Motor is accidentally left running the Motor will cut-out after a safe period of time. This will also prevent the Motor from overheat should a jam occur.

In the unlikely case a jam occurs, dejamming is very simple. Ensure the Disposer is switched off, check for foreign objects in grind chamber and remove or dislodge the object by rotating the turntable counter-clockwise with a screwdriver, wooden spool, or similar device. Press the reset button and then switch disposer back on.


What is the expected lifespan?

All motors have the capacity to wear out eventually. How quickly depends on the stress or load placed on the motor. Waste Maid is designed to be long lasting. By using PM Motor the torque is increased as the load increases. This not only means top performance, but also again prevents jamming.

All models are constructed from Stainless Steel (Grinding Components and Armature Shaft) and Thermoplastic Materials (Grind Chamber). This allows Waste Maid to include the unique Lifetime Corrosion Guarantee.


What about the Manufacturer's Warranty?

Waste Maid offers an extensive Warranty programme to cover any manufacturing defect. National coverage through an established independent Service Agent network is available to provide in-home cover.


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